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Feater has been the project that, together with Sara Sanz, I have developed during the 9 months of the Master in Graphic Design at ELISAVA.

We created a Global project with all the traditional areas of Graphic Design: visual identity, editorial, digital, packaging, environmental graphics and audiovisual

@feater is an app that shows you the cultural references that appear in the series and movies you consume on your streaming platforms.
The digital product is the centerpiece of the project. In the app, @feater users can save their series references, discover new ones, write their own articles or react to those of their contacts. You can browse the complete prototype here
We communicate by acquiring the language used by our audience in the digital world: series or characters are preceded by an @ and cultural topics by a #.

The link between these two points is represented by the word feat. or ft. showing you that the series and the culture are featuring (collaborating) with each other.
The @feater editorial piece focuses on an older audience (+30 years old). Quarterly magazine in which we have taken the reverse path; instead of going from series to culture, we choose a cultural theme, which we talk about throughout the publication, connecting it with various series.
Once a year the #featerfest is held at the CCCB (Barcelona). With it, we seek to reach a more general audience and build loyalty to the target audience through the awarding of prizes to the community.
The ft. awards are a recognition to the community that forms @feater in charge of promoting culture through series and movies.
Work with
Sara Sanz
Partner in crime
Big thanks to Marta, Nicolás, Paloma, Pedro, Taira, Victor, Sílvia y Jonathan.